Labor Signs

A simple way to time your contractions for moms-to-be!

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Don't time your contractions by hand, let Labor Signs handle it for you!

Labor Signs is a contraction timer app designed for pregnant moms-to-be. Use Labor Signs to track your contractions as you approach active labor. It will indicate when it might be time for you to head to the hospital or contact your midwife.

When timing contractions, it is important to note the duration and frequency of your contractions. The duration is the time from the start to the end of your contraction. The frequency is the time from the start of a contraction to the start of the next contraction. As you approach active labor, your contractions will become more regular lasting about 50 - 70 seconds and about 5 minutes apart.

  • Simple and intuitive interface to time your contractions
  • Track your contraction intensities
  • View all your historical contractions
  • Modify already timed contractions in case you make an error
  • Quick access emergency contact list
  • Find the nearest hospital and obstetrician
  • Handy contraction quick reference
  • Change your output times to 24 hour clock
  • Easily access your contractions statistical information
  • Send your contraction data via email

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